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Everyone needs a few words of encouragement from time to time. There can be tough times in life, and when you hear stories and advice from someone in the same situation can make all the difference when things start to get difficult. Blog Phonics are very useful for nurses to enhance their skills and encourage them from time to time.

John Hopkins Medicine Podcasts
This site offers a variety of one-minute podcasts for nurses about some of the most important stories medical there. However, listeners can access longer podcasts. This includes The podcast, studied by many Johns Hopkins experts, provides information on some of the latest science topics In health-based medical policy
A Cup of Health with CDC series
This podcast, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, covers a wide range of data and statistics. Almost everything a nurse might want to hear about current and past illnesses can be found In the Cup of Health using the CDC podcast. Podcasts last from two to six minutes. It It provides valuable information on health topics that nurses can use to educate their patients. Include Topics Zika virus infection, AIDS epidemic, toxic shock syndrome, swine flu, measles epidemics, Mumps, and many others.
How Travel Nurses Can Eat Right and Exercise on the Road
Although any nurse practitioner can listen to this podcast, it is especially helpful Nurses on the go. Working as a mobile nurse involves many of the same responsibilities that you face Other nurses, but with more challenges. Covers the Travel Nursing Insider podcast, which Hosted by Onward Healthcare, most of these challenges and more. Get the latest tips and ideas from experts in the mobile nursing industry. Also available in this podcast Information on the jobs and specialties of traveling nurses across the country, the stories of itinerant nurses, Social media for itinerant nurses and many topics covered in this audio broadcast
Daily Nurse - NurseCasts
Episodes of Nursecasts can be heard on the DailyNurse podcast, hosted by Joe Moretta, Spring Publishing's premier provisioning editor. Each episode features interviews with real nurses and a discussion of life The day-to-day operation of being a healthcare professional and nursing experience throughout your career. NurseCasts usually focus on one topic each day, whether it's mental health, nursing, travelling, or Nursing experience for graduates. For example, the first episode looks at why so many students study Universities to enter the field of dates. NurseCasts also provide listeners with practical advice and exciting discussions Interesting, like what are the best exfoliating brands? Where to get the best shoes And compression stockings for nurses? If you are looking for useful information or stories from registered nurses Others, this is a great podcast to listen to.
Good Nurse Bad Nurse
Good Nurse Bad Nurse is the best podcast for those nurses who love interesting stories about Field and topics related to health. Hosted by RNs, Tina and Sam, each episode tells a story about Her job as a nurse. The story, told by The Good Nurse, will be encouraging and inspiring. The other story, which Told by "Bad Nurse", you'll usually explore the darker side of healthcare, such as complications Errors and risks at work. This podcast covers topics in the medical field and features special guests And interviews with others in the nursing profession. Next time you're looking for an interesting, fun podcast, with just the right amount of joy, check out Good Nurse Bad Nurse.

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