Positive impact on the quality of national nursing care

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A development program that invests in building distinguished competencies and leaders to advance the nursing profession and influence health care and society

As well, the program goes to provide additional training courses, initiatives, to developing leadership and personal skills of 'members' to increasing their positive and humanitarian influence on the society, through establishing strategic partnerships with a various parties in the health sector, including support for employment opportunities and continuing theoretical and applied education.

Nouf Story

Nouf is a young woman with a sweet biography and an inspiring spirit, who God has harnessed to those around her to leave a beautiful, vibrant impact on everything she touches, whether with her palm, her senses, or her eyes. God created her to be pure, to support others, to do good fast and to love life. she is the sun that never sets, bringing warmth and light to the people around her , a clear sky that opens up everyone's love, endless dimensions, and a school of creativity and enlightening ideas.
The Most Merciful chose her to be immortal with her presence, love and thought.


Developing the national nursing profession, which is one of the pillars of the health service
Raise the efficiency of nursing care and establish a culture of quality nursing.
Creating leadership cadres to become success stories and inspirations for Saudi nurses
Contribute to increasing the number of qualified national nursing staff
Raise the level of nursing service through the program’s female graduates and measure their impact through job performance indicators
The strategy
Adopting program members to raise the level of nursing aptitude
Providing specialized educational programs to support the professional competence and development of knowledge and skills among the program members
Preparing and empowering members for the job environment by providing training programs and career counseling services
Follow-up and development of the program’s professional advancement
Helping to select and provide job opportunities and training of high professional quality through private and public sector partnerships

Comprehensive Scholarship

Includes undergraduate stage and Educational Scholarships


Educational Scholarship

Specialized educational programs and courses stage

English language stage


  • Online Personal Language Training One-to-one English language lessons
  • BBC Learning English Programmes
Successful Story with our Program
Ahlam Alsharif
During my high school studies, I was an ambitious and diligent student. My dream was to enter the nursing major, but I was shocked by my father's complete rejection and desire. I majored in biology and studied for his satisfaction and I was broken. I graduated. I sat at home feeling frustrated. I tried to study again, and my husband refused. After that, God willing, he agreed, and I applied to the Inaya College of Medical Sciences and was accepted, thank God. It was the happiest moment in life, as it came close to achieving the dream.. We aspire We dream, we meditate, we try, we strive to achieve the impossible, we aspire with everything in us, we dream about all our past, we hope that we will change our laws, we try, despite the blows that come to us, we forget and try again, once and twice we don’t care, we strive with all our energies, to get what you want Our thoughts, and what we wanted to be, I will leave him by the window, and open the window for him, to inhale that pure air from my reality, to know how much I want him, to know what the meaning of hope is, to know that he stands with me when I desperately need him, yes, and fates willed, perhaps I am I came close to that ambition...
Maha Alsharif
My name is Maha Ahmed Al-Sharif, I am 33, born in Riyadh, I graduated from high school with excellent grades and wanted to enter the field of health, but my father refused to do so. Looking forward to developing myself and the place I am in, eager to achieve all my ambitions and goals in order to become the chief nurse, God willing. I have the patience and perseverance that enables me to see my future in front of me now. I raise the slogan of life to whoever wants it.
Reef Alamri
I am Raif Al-Omari, a nursing student at Inaya Medical College, the last year of study. Why did I choose nursing? I wanted to make the difference) People’s lives are a white profession, help, kindness, mercy, tenderness, and calls for expansion of the chest, a humanitarian profession great As it is said, “Behind every success of a medical team, there is a successful nurse.” I also believe that God Almighty chose D Nursing because I possess the ingredients that make me a practitioner of this honorable profession.
Nouf Alrowaili
I'm Nouf Al-Ruwaili, a nursing student) at the College of Medical Care, why did you choose nursing? My dream and ambition was to nurse, and by the grace of God, nursing has achieved indescribable love and passion, and I realize the fullest together. Mercy, love of help, and feeling for the sick. I hope that the Almighty God helps me and helps us all.

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